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Introducing one of Buffet Crampon's iconic models, the R13 clarinet, crafted in 1955 by Robert Carrée. It swiftly gained popularity in the United States and continues to be a top choice, renowned for its focused, rich tone and exceptional power across all registers. Versatile and adaptable, it suits various musical styles, from symphonies to chamber music, embraced by soloists, educators, military bands, students, and enthusiasts alike.

This specific clarinet is in pristine condition and is prepared for musicians to cherish for years to come.


- **Key:** Bb

- **Pitch:** 440 Hz

- **Body:** Carefully selected African blackwood, treated and stained

- **Bore:** Poly-cylindrical, following the Buffet Crampon method

- **Keys:** 17

- **Rings:** 6

- **Thumb rest:** Adjustable

- **Keywork finish:** Nickel Silver

- **Springs:** Blue steel springs ensure smooth and precise key movement

- **Pads:** Double fish skin, superior quality

- **Case:** Deluxe leather-covered wood shell case with a plush interior

Buffet Crampon R13 Bb Clarinet with Silver Plated Keys

$8,150.00 Regular Price
$3,150.00Sale Price
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