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Our Team.

At Musical Elements, you will receive the best instruction and guidance from renowned artists and teachers. They are mentors and advisors devoted to evolving your talents, imparting knowledge, honoring tradition and pushing past boundaries, and empowering you to distinguish yourself in the arts.

Kenny Baik

Dr. Kenny Baik

Founder & CEO

Saxophone & Woodwinds


Hanna Cho

Violin/ Strings


Nickolas Bass

Trumpet/ Brass Specialist

Image by Ira Selendripity

Yun Eunji


Paper Clips

Grace Baik

Office Manager

Piano Close-up_edited_edited.jpg
IMG_AB081B766612-1 2_edited.jpg

Delia Jewell Howell
Early Child/ Group Classes

Strings/ Piano/ Vocal/ others

Piano Close-up

Yuyoung Park 
Piano/ Keyboard Study/ 
Church Accompanist 

Julia little piano.jpg

Yulia Soboleva
Piano/ Music Theory


Violin over Sheet Music

Professor Yeasol Kang

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