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Crafted by Robert Carree in 1975, the RC Clarinet showcases a modified poly-cylindrical bore structure, delivering a rich, resonant, and vibrant timbre.

This particular model was barely used and one of the best setup that you could find in Atlanta,GA.

Belonging to the esteemed RC bore lineage, the RC Prestige stands as a pinnacle model. Meticulously chosen Grenadilla wood ensures superior acoustic properties and visual allure, while precise craftsmanship leaves the wood in its natural hue after careful polishing. The mechanics of the RC Prestige are meticulously executed: tone holes are undercut following Buffet Crampon standards, and expert technicians meticulously assemble and fine-tune the keywork.

Highlighted features comprise:

- RC bore design

- Premium unstained African blackwood

- Bell interior with egg-shaped cut-out for enhanced low register response

- Silver-plated keys

- Left hand Eb/Ab key

- Metal-capped tenons

- Leather-covered attache case with combination locks

Buffet RC Prestige Clarinet Bb Clarinet

$7,700.00 Regular Price
$4,200.00Sale Price
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