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Introducing Jean & Nick Dual Saxophone Cases: Elevate Your Travel Experience

Experience innovative protection for your Alto and Soprano saxophones with our dual case. Designed for musicians who play both instruments, it offers unmatched protection, practicality, and elegance.

Key Features:

- Dual Instrument Compatibility: Safely house both Alto and Soprano saxophones.

- Versatile Music Storage: Includes 2 large detachable music bags for easy organization.

- Curved Neck Protection: Features a double pack curved neck bag for added safety.

- Ample Spare Parts Storage: Equipped with 4 spare parts warehouses for essential tools.

- Ergonomic Carrying Solutions: Padded straps and comfortable handles ensure secure transportation.

- Durable and Secure: Robust zipper, ground nails, and waterproof exterior protect your saxophones.

- Stylish Color Options: Choose from classic black, blue, red, or yellow.


- Weight: 5.5kg

- Dimensions: 56x21x37 cm

Why Choose Jean & Nick?

Trust our commitment to superior quality and thoughtful design, tailored for saxophonists who play both instruments. Experience dual security, elegance, and convenience with Jean & Nick. Choose your color and elevate your musical journey today.

Saxophone Double Case, professional alto and soprano case

$1,599.00 Regular Price
$799.00Sale Price
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