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Introducing the Selmer Paris Signature Alto Sax—the natural evolution of the classic Selmer sound. After a century of saxophone mastery, Selmer Paris redefined the game with the Supreme in 2021, offering a balanced, open sound while preserving the essence. In 2023, they merge tradition and innovation in the Signature Series, a nod to the beloved Series II. This modern evolution brings the best of both worlds, incorporating improvements like enhanced intonation and playability. The Signature alto pays homage to the iconic Series II with updated ergonomics and features, making it a blend of tradition and modernity.

Now’s the perfect moment to snag your Selmer Paris Signature Alto Sax from Musical Elements! 🎶 We’re sweetening the deal with an extra $500 discount. Yep, you heard it right—the best price you’ll find in the US. Ready to elevate your musical journey?

Selmer Paris SIGNATURE alto saxophone

$10,000.00 Regular Price
$6,999.99Sale Price
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