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Introducing the WEISSENBERG TP580XL trumpet, meticulously crafted with precision and quality materials for exceptional performance. Tuned to the key of Bb, it boasts a bore diameter of 11.80mm and a bell diameter of 123mm, ensuring remarkable sound projection and clarity. Constructed from high-grade brass and featuring a gold brass mouthpipe, this trumpet offers a rich, rounder tone, particularly favored by players seeking a smoother sound profile. With stainless steel valves for durability and a lacquered finish for a polished appearance, it comes complete with a deluxe gig-bag case, making it the perfect choice for both aspiring beginners and advanced students alike. You will only truly know the remarkable sound of this trumpet once you experience it for yourself.

Weissenberg TP580XL Bb professional trumpet

$2,499.00 Regular Price
$649.00Sale Price
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