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Introducing the Yamaha YAS-875EX, affectionately known as the Custom EX, a revolutionary alto saxophone designed to elevate your musical journey. Crafted with precision from imported French brass, its lightweight construction and wider rib design produce a rich, dark tone that's perfect for blending in ensembles or standing out in jazz solos.

Experience stress-free keywork and effortless intonation, empowering you to explore the full range of musical expression. The Custom EX's hand-hammered body, bell, and neck, adorned with unique hand engraving, ensure each instrument is as distinctive as the artist who plays it.

Enhanced with Yamaha's latest innovations, including the TE1 neck design for superior resonance and a redesigned key button layout for optimal playability, the Custom EX sets a new standard for professional saxophones.

Enjoy the freedom to push your boundaries with the Custom EX's even bore and responsive two-point bell brace, while the adjustable Front F key offers personalized control over altissimo passages. With its sleek, lightweight case and premium accessories, including a hard rubber mouthpiece and quality ligature, the Yamaha YAS-875EX is ready to accompany you on your musical journey, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability backed by the full manufacturer's warranty. Elevate your sound with the Yamaha YAS-875EX Custom EX.

Yamaha 875ex Custom alto saxophone

$6,983.00 Regular Price
$4,783.00Sale Price
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