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The Yamaha saxophones have consistently demonstrated impeccable intonation, and the same can be expected from the Yas 280 model, ensuring a more accessible path to producing an excellent sound.

This saxophone offers smooth playability across all registers while maintaining its intonation, making it an excellent choice for both students and experienced players alike.

Not only does it produce rich, warm, accurate, and pleasing tones, but the sound also boasts exceptional resonance, allowing it to fill large spaces with bright and captivating notes, all while maintaining superior intonation.

The neck design greatly aids in tuning, and if desired, you can utilize an app-store tuner instead of investing in a separate chromatic tuner.

Yamaha has also made significant improvements, such as enhancing the low B-C# connector and incorporating a high F sharp key, thus making low and high notes more accessible to the player.

Yamaha Yas-280 alto saxophone, Best Quality for the price

$2,100.00 Regular Price
$1,250.00Sale Price
Instruments: Alto Saxophone
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