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The YDS-150 effectively emulates an authentic saxophone experience digitally—from the sound and key layout to feedback from the instrument—while maintaining the sense of unity between the saxophone and musician. The Digital Saxophone breaks the barrier to entry for new or returning musicians providing the ability to quickly express themselves creatively and musically.

Unlike MIDI Wind Controllers, the YDS-150 incorporates a key structure that replicates that of a traditional saxophone, offering players the natural feel to which they are accustomed. A genuine brass bell enhances the acoustic presence of the instrument thanks to the company's new proprietary Integrated Bell Acoustic System technology. The sound and vibration of the speaker unit at the top of the instrument are transmitted to the bell through the sound pipe, and in turn, the instrument itself vibrates similarly to a traditional saxophone. Vibrations are carried to the mouth and fingertips through the mouthpiece and keys to give players authentic instrumental feedback. What's more, the Digital Saxophone sings with longer reverberation thanks to the brass bell, making it possible for musicians to play in a naturally expressive way.

Bringing the saxophone into the digital world opens up an exciting, new world of creative possibilities, not only offering a more accessible and easy way to learn the saxophone but also enhancing the practicing musician's experience.

Proper embouchure, breath control and good technique are essential components for learning a traditional saxophone. While the YDS-150 can also measure breath pressure and sense articulation, it delivers a beautiful and consistent sound regardless of how the musician blows into the mouthpiece. This allows musicians to focus more on proper fingering and creative ideas, serving to make the playing experience enjoyable from the very first time they play.

Additionally, the musician can choose from more than 50 on-board sounds, including emulations of popular Yamaha Custom Z and Custom EX saxophones as well as the 62 Series baritone saxophones.

Finally, the instrument is Bluetooth equipped, enabling it to be paired with mobile devices through the "YDS Controller" app. Using the app, players can edit voices, customize saxophone fingerings, and adjust instrument settings such as resistance and response, as well as tuning. And for the ultimate in private practice, the YDS-150 can be used with headphones, giving players the ability to practice anywhere, any time of day or night without disturbing others.

"The YDS-150 Digital Saxophone removes much of the precision needed with an acoustic saxophone, making it easier for anyone to start learning how to play, or to pick the instrument back up again after years of not playing," says Brian Petterson, senior marketing manager, Yamaha Winds & Strings. "From their very first breath, players will be making a quality sound."

The YDS-150 comes with a neck strap, mouthpiece, synthetic reed and stylish case.

Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone

$1,078.00 Regular Price
$799.00Sale Price
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